Green Academy

Green Academy Events

Green Academy events typically take the form of workshop and round table discussions in which fundamental and highly stimulating political topics are addressed during a compact but rigorous meeting. Academy members, members of the executive board and other politically affiliated individuals are all welcome to suggest discussion topics. In addition to academy members, discussions are targeted to researchers and experts from NGOs and other institutions, and to policy makers from the national and state Green parliamentary party. These discussions are designed to create a space for debate about topics that are typically ignored or under-resourced elsewhere.  

The Green Academy meets for a discussion session in the summer, and then again for an annual meeting where the members’ assembly also occurs. A keynote lecture opens the session/meeting, and the lecture’s topic is then debated during concluding forum discussions.  

Ole Meinefeld (Coordination)
Head of Political and Societal Discourse Analyses
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Green Academy
Schumannstraße 8
10117 Berlin