Water Policies in Turkey

Water Policies in Turkey

The 5th World Water Forum

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Water Policies in Turkey

The 5th World Water Forum will be held in Istanbul on 16-22 March 2009. The Forum is organised by the World Water Council, the State Hydraulic Works of Turkey (DSI) and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The organisers expect to bring together ministers, local leaders, parliamentarians, scholars and non-governmental organisations for them to establish contacts, to create an environment of discussion, and to generate solutions geared towards the provision of water security. However, the legitimacy of the World Water Forum is being seriously questioned by certain non-governmental organisations. Alternative initiatives have been organised.

Through this dossier, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung aims to take up the question of water and provide information on alternative events to be held in Istanbul during the Forum.

A Water Tribunal is being organised in Istanbul on 10-11 March and 14 March 2009, with the support of and in consultation with the Tribunal Latin Americano del Agua and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung. The Heinrich Böll Stiftung is also attending the Alternative Water Forum organised by the “Another Water Management is Possible” campaign, an initiative composed of non-governmental organisations and local grassroots movements.

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People's Water Forum Declaration - Istanbul, 2009

- March 26, 2009 - In its final declaration the People's Water Forum has condemned the proceedings of the 5th World Water Forum and called to "delegitimise this false, corporate driven World Water Forum and to give voice to the positive agenda of the global water justice movements." more»
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Turkey’s Water Prescription

- March 3, 2009 - The growing need for water and the methods of using water resources frequently come to the fore in public debate in Turkey. However, work in the area of water use in Turkey is afflicted with a series of contradictions. Gökmen Yalςin explains the situation and gives recommendations. more»

Water policies in Turkey and the meaning of the 5th World Water Forum

- March 5, 2009 - The government of Turkey sees the World Water Forum of critical importance for its water policies. If the policies discussed during the preparatory meetings of the World Water Forum and announced on the website of the DSI are to be implemented, Turkey is likely to face a severe ecological and social crisis. By Erkin Erdogan more»
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Big Dams: A Dirty, Risky Business

- March 3, 2009 - The world has invested heavily in big dams, sacrificing rivers, land, forests, fisheries and communities in exchange for power and water supply. Nevertheless, dams continue to be promoted and funded in countries by institutions like the China Exim Bank and the World Bank. The text explains the consequences and shows better ways for decision-making. By Ann-Kathrin Schneider more»


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