Local Politics & Urban Development

Local Politics & Urban Development

Cities are still a central place for innovation and integration. The new knowledge-based companies and creative industries prefer to settle in cities. They have the greatest experience in dealing with intercultural conflicts and forward-looking models of living together. The density required for urban settlements means that sustainable transport and space concepts can be realized here. Last but not least, cities form the basis for democratic self-government and civic engagement.

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Habitat III: New Urban Agenda and the importance of civil society

Close on the heels of the UN adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 the HABITAT III conference offers the international community a timely opportunity to revisit and revision its commitments to putting human rights at the heart of sustainable urban development. The global context is adverse, marked by growing inequity, rising levels of homelessness and landlessness, forced migration, environmental degradation and climate change.

By Poonam Joshi

Habitat III - Sustainable Urban Development

The global urbanisation presents great challenges for sustainable development. In view of the UN summit Habitat III in Ecuador in this dossier we broach the issue of the cooperation between local governments and the civil society.