London 2010: New chance for Afghanistan?


London 2010: New chance for Afghanistan?


London 2010: New chance for Afghanistan?

The international assistance effort in Afghanistan has entered a critical phase with many potential outcomes. A debate has flared in Germany questioning whether German troops should continue to assist in developing and bringing peace to Afghanistan. This debate also seems to provide the option of reaching a simple decision between war and peace as a possible conclusion to the situation.

However, the situation is far more complex and can neither be evaluated nor understood by simply providing such basic answers. A successful assessment of the current situation can only be reached by grouping together a variety of different perspectives and by taking into account the past, present and possible future outcomes as well as the needs of the Afghan people.

Hence, for ‘Afghanistan: The London Conference’ taking place on January 28, 2010, this Afghanistan Dossier offers a variety of articles, analysis and commentary from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Germany, regarding the current situation in Afghanistan and its potential outcomes.


Note: This dossier reflects the status of 2010 and will no longer be updated.