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The Role of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in the International Climate and Energy Policy

We are “On the road to Copenhagen”, where the next Climate Change Conference COP15 will take place from December 7th -18th. In this dossier you can find more information, articles, publications and events of the Heinrich Böll Foundation worldwide as well as background information and links to other important actors, forums and websites.

On March 3rd our office in Prague oranizes an international conference on Climate Policy after Copenhagen.

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Open Letter

Belém Letter

- November 23, 2009 - Open letter from brazilian environmental organisations, networks and social movements calling on the Brazilian Government to reject the idea of using REDD as a carbon market-based mechanism and of accepting it as a means to compensate the emissions from Northern countries. more»

Publication Series Ecology, Volume 6

Climate Change Violates Human Rights

- November 11, 2009 - It is mainly the inhabitants of the global South who suffer from the effects of climate change. This publication uses case examples to illustrate the dangers faced by indigenous peoples in particular, as well as the tools the UN human rights system gives them to support their struggle for just climate policies. By Theodor Rathgeber more»

Eni's New Investment in Tar Sands and Palm Oil in the Congo Basin

- July 2, 2009 - Eni's plannned exploitation of tar sands and palm oil in the Republic of Congo poses huge risks for one of world’s poorest countries and will worsen runaway climate change. G8 Civil society groups and their African partners are critizising, that the project contradicts G8 climate Policy under Italian Presidency. more»

Review: Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Perspectives 02/2009

On the road to Copenhagen

- November 18, 2009 - The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen between 7 and 18 December will be extremely critical in determining the global actions to curb climate change in the future. This issue of Perspectives covers some of the key issues and implications of the negotiations as they are viewed from (Southern) Africa. more»


Climate Change and Justice: On the road to Copenhagen

- November 16, 2009 - Copenhagen must lead to a breakthrough. The industrial countries bear double responsibility: not only do they need to take reducing their own CO2 emissions seriously, they are also called upon for the substantial financial and technological transfers needed to put developing and newly industrialized countries onto low-carbon development paths. more»


Drought affected fields in Benambra, Australia.        Photo: Fir0002, GNU Free Documentation License

Current topics of climate governance

The disputes about a post-Kyoto agreement have intensified in Poznan and the negotiations are deadlocked. But climate change is beyond doubt a transnational problem, which can only be tackled within the international community and civil society.

Furthermore, many questions remain open and will hopefully be resolved in Copenhagen:
How can burdens, costs and chances of climate change be distributed justly? Which strategies are helpful in mitigating climate change? How can emission reduction targets be shaped in a post-Kyoto protocol? Which role can emerging economies, such as China, India and Brazil, play?

The Heinrich Böll Foundation deals with the most important questions of justice, mitigation, adaptation, impacts and finance – including the aspect of gender justice – in many ways.

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Global Climate Policy

Logo: Climate Justice Action

The Heinrich Böll Foundation at the climate change negotiations

- November 18, 2009 - The Foundation is deep-seated in civil society, and because of its foreign offices and several partner networks it has excellent access to political decision-makers. For many years, the foundation has participated in the UN climate change negotiations in manifold ways. more»
Logo: Climate Justice Action

The role of global civil society

- November 18, 2009 - In addition to the official delegations civil society organizations have participated as observers in climate negotiations for many years. We will give an overview on the most important networks and NGOs, which participate at the negotiations. more»


Scientific basis

- November 27, 2008 - Future projections of effects and costs of climate change are highly uncertain. Many scientific findings are required to make the projections as exact as possible. more»

The climate, energy and resource crisis: ways out and wrong tracks

- November 27, 2008 - Even antagonists have realised that ecology and economy are inextricably linked and that sustainable policy is politically realistic. A responsible resource policy with a view to climate change is not only becoming more important, but is the best protection against the threat of a lack of resources. more»


More websites

- November 27, 2008 - On the following websites you get acces to more information. more»


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