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The inventory of the Green Memory Archive

The Archive is divided into three main sections: The historical archive, the archive library and the collections.

The historical archive builds the main source for research done at the Green Memory Archive. The main part contains office files of the German green party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and their parliamentary groups - from county to EU levels - as well as personal documents of their members. Other parts of the historical archive contain records of the party's precursors and files originating from the new social movements, i.e. feminist, anti-nuclear, pacifist and environmental movements in Germany after 1968. The current volume of the historical archive is filling more than 3 miles of shelves, with over 200 individual-related file collections.


25,800 publications are listed in the online catalog of the library. The collection mainly covers Alliance 90/The Greens, Green politicians and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, focusing on, but not limited to, gray literature. The catalog also contains individual articles from journals and anthologies, as well as electronic publications. The collection is a reference library.


Around 2,000 items are listed in the Periodicals database (ZDB).


The Collections online catalog lists 900 photos, 60 films, 400 posters and 430 websites: photos of party conventions of the Greens and of the work of the parliamentary groups from 1983 to 1990, campaign spots and posters, as well as websites of Alliance 90/The Greens, their parliamentary groups, individual MPs and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

The catalog is regularly expanded and updated. Campaign spots and websites can only be viewed in the reading room of the archive. A download option is not available. References to rights holders can be found in the individual files. Users needing files for publications or academic projects should contact directly.