Privacy policy

Privacy policy

a. Abstract

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. operates this website according to the relevant privacy and data protection provisions under German law. Occasionally we collect different types of personal data for the following purposes:

  • to transfer web content
  • to improve our website

Depending on the type of utilisation the following data will be processed:

  • data transferred by your browser when accessing our website, for example your IP address (HTTP request)
  • data from the re-identification file (HTTP cookie), which we set on your computer on your first visit
  • your e-mail address (only for newsletter subscriptions and web commentaries) and, for commentaries you post on our website, also your name or nick, the contents of the commentary in question and, if specified, your web address
  • wherever our website relies on third-party applications, the third parties in question may also record your browser data. Occasionally this includes the setting or reading of HTTP cookies.

b. Transfer of web contents

In order to receive web contents you are trying to access, your web browser will typically pass on the following information (as part of a so-called HTTP request):

  • your IP address, that is, a sequence of numbers which identifies your present computer access point
  • the name and address of the website you are accessing
  • information about your browser and operating system, such as type and version
  • and, in some cases, the web page from which you are accessing our website (referrer information)

Your IP address has to be transmitted to the information source, otherwise the contents you are trying to access cannot be relayed.

c. Improving our website with the help of user statistics

In order to optimise our website we will, on occasion, analyse data concerning user behaviour.

We collect anonymised web access statistics according to the standards set by German privacy law. For this we use certified software by which anonymously creates heatmaps of our website and the tool Piwik, which is installed on our servers. You are able, at any time, to revoke the future tracking and recording of your anonymous user data by Piwik. To ensure that your data will no longer be collected it is necessary to set a cookie in your browser. If you like to opt out of the tracking of Heatmap, please click here and follow the instructions. Click below to uncheck the box and opt out of Piwik:

Heatmap and Piwik both respect the "Do not Track" setting of your browser. If you like to learn more how to activate this setting please click here

d. Additional third-party services

Occasionally, we do use third-party applications on this website to integrate additional content. When using these services, the tracking and possible use of your data is governed by the respective privacy policies of these service providers. Below is a list containing a number of such services:

e. Additional services provided directly by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V. on its website

In addition, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung offers a number of other online services. All of these services have their respective privacy policies, which will be spelled out whenever you access them.

f. Data protection officer

In case of further questions regarding our privacy policies, do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer

g. Date of privacy policy

This privacy and data protection policy is effective as of 15 April 2016.