"Gender democracy, anti-discrimination and participation"

Our collective mission

The Heinrich Böll Foundation's collective mission on "Gender democracy, anti-discrimination and participation" is a key guiding principle for our organisational culture, our internal collaboration, our political education work, and our service departments. It is based on the Foundation's mission statement on anti-discrimination and diversity. Our aim is to ensure that both our workforce and our target groups reflect the diversity of society, and that we build a working culture that is sensitive to discrimination.

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As part of this collective mission, we are developing internal processes and tools that help to break down barriers, tackle marginalisation, and enable all people to participate in political and social spaces and processes.

We are committed to continuous learning; we repeatedly encounter gaps, try out new approaches, exchange ideas, and respond to diverse challenges.  Within this process, critical reflection on our organisational structures is just as important as recognising what is working well.

Our aim is to empower all of our employees to relate the topics of our collective mission – in all their complexity – to their day-to-day work and interactions within the foundation and to give them form. We do this, for example, by organising a comprehensive range of training courses for our employees in order to expand our gender and diversity competences. We also have an employee-focused anti-discrimination policy in place that outlines the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), sets out our internal approach to discrimination in the workplace, and details specific prevention measures. Our comprehensive range of in-house information and learning opportunities on topics relating to this collective mission, as well as stimuli for discussion and reflection, help to ensure that our employees take anti-discrimination, gender democracy, and participation seriously and make space for these issues in their work.


Our collective mission - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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