Anja Piel
Member of the Executive Federal Board of the Confederation of German Trade Unions
Foto Anja Piel

Anja Piel brings people and projects together and seeks majorities for her heartfelt causes. She sees her responsibility in doing her part for a more social world and puts her heart and soul into the concrete implementation of her goals. She is driven by seeking allies to make conditions better in many different places.

Anja Piel is married, has two grown-up children and lives with her husband and two greyhounds in Fischbeck in the beautiful Weserbergland. In her free time she likes to be out in the fresh air - whenever possible - surrounded by her loved ones and the greyhounds as well as an exciting book. She likes to spend her holidays on or by the Baltic Sea, with her nose in the wind or binoculars in search of rare migratory birds. She takes to the streets for her convictions, especially when it comes to defending democracy, an open society and diversity against right-wing forces, then she is in the thick of it, is approachable, loud and if necessary sometimes uncomfortable.

While setting up the Hameln Mothers' Centre, she dealt daily with working towards a better work-life balance, for a reliable infrastructure of childcare, school and family-friendly workplaces. During her training as an industrial clerk, she became a member of IG Chemie Papier und Keramik and has been a ver.di member since 2014. Since then, she has been campaigning in politics and society for better living and working conditions.