Anna Brehm
Head of Environmental Policy and Sustainability Division
Portrait Anna Brehm

Anna Brehm has been working as Head of Environmental Policy and Sustainability in the domestic division at the Heinrich Böll Foundation since August 2022. Previously, she was responsible for the section "Society, Environment and Economy" at the Franco-German Office for the Energy Transition, where she dealt with the social and economic issues of the energy transition. During this time, Anna Brehm was already involved as a Policy Fellow at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, working with the Digital Governance Unit on how digitalisation can serve the socio-ecological transformation and the energy transition in particular. Before coming to Berlin, she worked in a policy consultancy in Brussels on European climate and energy policy.

She studied international relations, political science, and public management in Dresden, Bogotá, and Paris, focusing on sustainability, climate protection, economic policy, and digitalisation. She has conducted research on the role of social media in the outreach of political parties in various European countries and on the impact of extreme weather events on the coverage of the climate crisis in the media.