Camila Moreno
researcher and activist, consultant

Researcher at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro and follows climate
negotiations since 2008. Her main study subject has been the interfaces between reasoning on climate change and the greening of capitalism. Her forthcoming book Carbon Metrics and the New Colonial Equations will be launched in Brazil mid 2016.

She is the former coordinator of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, at the Brazil’s office.

Since 2006, accompanying the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD – Convenção sobre Diversidade Biológica) and, since 2008, the Climate Convention, both of the United Nations. She is a working group member of Political Ecology of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO – Conselho Latinoamericano de Ciências Sociais) and the International Council of Red for a Latin America Transgenic Free (RALLT). In addition, she served with the organizations Terra de Direitos (Land’s Rights) and Amigos da Terra (Earth’s Friends) as a researcher and activist.