Ines Kappert
Management Gunda Werner Institute

Dr. Ines Kappert has headed the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism and Gender Democracy since 2015.

Main topics:

  • Feminism
  • Masculinity Drafts
  • Syria
  • Displaced persons
  • TV series

From 2007-2015, I headed the opinion section of the taz, where I published more than 400 articles on the above-mentioned main topics. Before that, I was a research assistant for the Federal Cultural Foundation where I was responsible for the initiative project: "Relations. Art and Culture in Eastern Europe".

I studied in Berlin and Paris and completed my doctorate at the " Arbeitsstelle für feministische Literaturwissenschaft" at the University of Hamburg. Title: "The Man in Crisis - or: Conservative Capitalism Critique in the Cultural Mainstream" (transcript 2008). Since 2010 I have been teaching gender sensitization courses at the University of Economics in St. Gallen.

Publications (selected):

  • Kappert, Ines (2008): Der Mann in der Krise, or, Capitalism Critique in Mainstream Culture, Bielefeld: Transcript.
  • Klingan, Katrin and Ines Kappert (2006): Leap into the city. Chisinau, Sofia, Pristina, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Zagreb, Ljubljana: Cultural positions, political conditions. Seven scenes from Europe, 1st ed., DuMont Buchverlag.