Julia Scherf
Head of Unit Latin America
Julia Scherf

From 2012 to the end of 2021, Julia Scherf headed the Steering and Evaluation Department at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin, which is close to the Green Party, with responsibility for budgets, guidelines and evaluation in international cooperation. She was also Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department.

Julia Scherf started at the Heinrich Böll Foundation as a consultant for Western Europe/North America before heading the Israel Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Tel Aviv from 2000 to 2006. Back at the head office in Berlin, she then worked for six years as Head of the Asia Division.

After studying political science and graduating from Frankfurt/Main and the University of Madison, Wisconsin, Julia Scherf began her professional career as coordinator for Latin America at Buntstift e.V., Göttingen.

She studied and worked in the USA, Spain and Nicaragua. During her more than twenty years of working experience in German development policy and international cooperation, Julia Scherf has continuously deepened and expanded her regional, thematic and methodological knowledge.

She specializes in international politics with a regional focus on Asia, the Transatlantic, Israel and Latin America, as well as the management and evaluation of international education and democracy work.

Her volunteer work has ranged from feminist editorial work to many years on the board of the Deutsch Israelischer Arbeitskreis e.V. and her current local political mandate as a representative for Bündnis 90 die Grünen in the Pankow district assembly.