Klaus Müller
Head of the Federal Association of Consumer Organisations (vzbv)

Klaus Müller has headed the German Federation of Consumer Organisations (vzbv) since 2014 and is a member of the board of directors of Stiftung Warentest and the European Federation of Consumer Organisations (BEUC).

Every day, he experiences the opportunities and limits of consumer decisions. As gratifying as the incredible freedom of choice of our economic model is, many people suffer from the limits of their own wallet, misleading advertising, the lack of access to justice or the lack of clarity, for example, of climate-relevant consequences of their own purchases. Smart political regulation, independent good information, (consumer) education, partisan market monitoring and the enforcement of consumer rights are important components of the contribution of civil society consumer protection to modern civil rights.

He likes to bring his experience as a former Green federal and state parliamentarian as well as Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Environment and Agriculture into the discussions of the General Assembly in order to confront and reconcile daily political challenges with the basic values of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. He likes to contribute to ensuring that the Foundation's ideas and competences find the necessary resonance in the political arena.