Marcos Buser
Geologist and social scientist

Marcos Buser, born 1949, is a geologist and social scientist who has been working in the field of nuclear energy and the disposal of chemotoxic hazardous waste for over 40 years. He managed large waste projects in Switzerland and neighboring countries and worked closely with universities, research institutes, international institutions, government agencies and private engineering firms. Buser was chairman and/or member of expert commissions, such as the EKRA Expert Commission for the Swiss Repository Concept (1999-2002), the Federal Commission for Nuclear Safety (2008-2012) or several expert commissions in the field of the remediation of industrial landfills. He was chairman of the control authority (2000-2013/2014) of the International Research Laboratory Mont Terri for High Level Radioactive Waste and was involved in projects in the field of underground storage/disposal of hazardous chemical-toxic waste in former mines.