Nikhil Roshan

Nikhil Roshan is a photographer with a keen interest in visually documenting communities in conflict, labour movements and migration.

Trained in broadcast at the Asian College of Journalism, he began his career with a 24x7 news channel in Mumbai. But he was soon drawn to print media for its reflective capacity and value for precision.

He went on to work as a feature writer and editor covering the arts, culture and politics for publications like The Indian Express, Mumbai and The Bengal Post, Kolkata. His passion for visual arts would eventually take him to photography, a medium in which he feels most at home, but as a tool for communication and for making art.

Focusing on environmental degradation, ethnic strife and working class struggles, Nikhil has been able to trace a thread running through his work - a sense of community. Attempting to document the things that bind people together within the traditions of documentary photography, he aims to bring a subjective point of view to the stories he tells.