Ricardo Cabral
Vice-president (vice-rector) and assistant professor of Economics at the University of Madeira, Portugal

Ricardo Cabral is vice-president (vice-rector) and assistant professor of Economics at the University of Madeira, Portugal, having been in the past Chair of the Department of Economics and Management. He is a regular expert evaluator for the European Commission. He was on secondment at the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in Lisbon in 2008-2009. Prior to 2004 he worked for a private corporation based in Germany and in 1998 he was a consultant to the World Bank based in Brasilia. Ricardo Cabral holds a PhD in Economics from the University of South Carolina. His recent research focuses on the euro crisis, on banking, monetary policy, EMU architecture and governance and on external debt and balance of payments crises. Since 2011 he has participated as a speaker in nearly 30 conferences in Portugal about the euro crisis, debt sustainability, debt restructuring and banking union. He has published several opinion columns in leading national newspapers, and he is regularly interviewed on various macroeconomic topics by Portuguese and international media such as Expresso, Diário de Notícias, Público, Jornal de Negócios, BBC World News TV and Radio France Internationale. On account of his research he appeared before the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in October 2011 and participated in the Economists’ meeting organised by the Presidency of the Republic on July 5, 2013. He is one of the three authors of the blog TudoMenosEconomia, published in the national daily newspaper Público.