DossierSustainably recovering from the pandemic

The European Green Deal – Think Locally

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on Europe's economy, health systems and democracy is enormous. In terms of European policy, it will now be important to shape the economic construction in Europe in a socially and ecologically sustainable way. The Recovery Fund set forth by the EU is thus a significant means and decisive first step in order to boost the European Green Deal. The texts that have been chosen for our dossier aim to underscore the conviction that the European Green Deal can only become a success, if the EU manages to function as a multi-level system in the truest sense of the word and the various levels manage to operate as a well-connected unit. Especially, municipalities are now seen as the new bearers of hope in this endeavor and initiatives at the local level are already making a difference in many areas and are seen as potential drivers of the socio-ecological transformation. 
The focus of this years’ Annual European Conference is thus put on the local dimension of the European Green Deal. 

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