No right for digital participation in many regions of the world

In many regions of the world the freedom of the Internet is just an illusion. Especially in Arab countries, the neighbouring states of Russia and Subsahara-Africa the year 2015 marked the lowest point for democratic participation and civil liberties.

By Ute Schaeffer

Perspectives 02/2015: Bodies, Morals and Politics


Despite the formal commitment of many African states to universal human rights, the realisation of those rights remains unfulfilled for a great number of their citizens, especially women. Reflections on sexual and reproductive rights in Africa.

Perspectives Africa: #Game-Changer


Political discourse and action is coordinated more and more through Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. This edition of Perspectives Africa capture the complex and plural ways in which Africans are attempting to use new media to democratice democracy on the continent, the challenges they face, and the valuable lessons learned.

Creating ourselves in our own image

On May 17 is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. We document a foto-project by the Women's Leadership Centre in Namibia, which aims to strengthen the resilience of young lesbians through the use of creative forms of expression.

Deep inside she bleeds

How do you handle such pain? Zandile, a young woman from Capetown, was raped because she is lesbian. Warning for a graphic depiction of sexual violence.

By Zandile Tose

Homosexuality is not un-African

It is legalized homophobia, not same-sex relations, that is alien to Africa. But in fact, Africa is made up of thousands of ethnic groups with rich and diverse cultures and sexualities.

By Dr. Sylvia Tamale

My first kiss

Two girl friends: every weekend they talking, drinking and laughing together. But one of them is scared. She has these feelings that she couldn't explain. A short story.

By Funeka Soldaat

Letter to Mum and Dad

The live he lives is slowly killing him. His extended familiy thinks he has a mystery girlfriend. But that's not true. He loves men. And confides this in a letter to his parents.