Could the Elections End Canada’s Carbon Capture?

Since taking office in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has focused on turning Canada into an energy superpower. The strategy behind this is the proposed doubling of the extraction of oil from Canada’s bituminous tar sands, located primarily in the western province of Alberta.

By Liane Schalatek

The Care-Centered Economy

Why are all those means and measures for satisfying needs - which despite emancipation are provided for free by many more women than men in the so-called private sphere - customarily defined as pre- or non-economic? An Essay about the unjust consequences of this omission.

The World Cup Must Be Sustainable – But This Is Mostly Rhetoric

The Brazilian government has planned a "sustainable World Cup". Great distances for the visitors and participants, and the immense construction works make it difficult to comply with the green agenda. Moreover: civil society actors have been largely ignored by the government initiative.

By Julia Ziesche

Una política de los recursos para un futuro justo

La seria de escritos ecología: La pregunta toral que nos hacemos es: ¿cómo se necesita organizar el uso de los recursos naturales de manera que se respeten los límites ecológicos de nuestro planeta y, al mismo tiempo, se fortalezcan los derechos humanos y la democracia? Ese Memorándum define un conjunto de principios e ideas para una política de los recursos en un triángulo de justicia socioeconómica, ambiental y democrática con una perspectiva internacional.

On the Value of Nature


The value of nature and its “services” should not only be cherished and given greater visibility as elements of the economy, but should be assigned a monetary value in order to protect them. That is the new mantra. Although the idea is becoming more popular it is also highly contentious, argues Barbara Unmüßig.

Valuing natural capital or devaluing nature?

The "natural capital" concept is a trending topic and even companies like Coca-Cola attended the World Forum on Natural Capital 2013 in Edinburgh. But how does natural capital accounting really work?

By Maxime Combes

The German Raw Material Strategy: Taking Stock


Nearly two years after the German Government’s raw materials strategy was first published in October 2010, the present paper takes stock of how individual core elements of the raw materials strategy have been put into practice, with a focus on the promotion of foreign trade and on development cooperation.