COVER PAGE Sharing life. The Ecopolitics of Reciprocity

Evolving around the main essay “Sharing life. The Ecopolitics of Reciprocity”, all contributions to this assemblage reflect a common understanding that ecology and biodiversity needs to be reclaimed – and constantly generated – as a process of lived and living realities in a system of reciprocal relationships. Accordingly, this assemblage itself creates in its parts and as a whole an image of this interwoven system and linkages, drawing an alternative ecological and political landscape. It should be seen as a constant process and as an invitation to a dialogue about a common ecological future. This assemblage of stories, poetry, song, artwork and academic writings, speaks about alternative worldviews and traditional knowledge systems of the people of Northeast India and beyond.


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Date of Publication
December 2020
Heinrich-Böll Foundation
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Table of contents


Ecopolis (Daniel Langthasa)

Revisiting animism: An insider’s story of the western discourse (Bhagat Oinam)

Saving jhum, the crucible of life in Northeast mountains (Linda Chhakchhuak)

The entropic forest-2020 (Sonal Jain)

Intrinsic wisdom for enduring nature (Jayanta Kumar Sarma)

Sharing Life. The Ecopolitics of Reciprocity (Andreas Weber)

  1. On Writing Animism: Undoing Western Logic from Within
  2. Mutuality and the Ecological Good
  3. What is Animism?
  4. Unbraining: Towards a Self-Decolonisation of the West
  5. The Rules of Aliveness
  6. Kinship: An Ethics of Increase
  7. Ecopolitics: Renouncing Immortality
  8. Rules for Behaving Well in the Society of Being
  9. Literature


Naming and citation as recognition (Meghna Singh)

The power of many stories (Aküm Longchari)

Framing the indigene in a frontier in flux: Responses from Northeast India (Kaustubh Deka)

River, rituals and communities (Uttam Bathari)

Revisiting indigenous epistemologies of North East India (Ash Narain Roy)

A living hill: Reflections on animistic worldviews, stories, resistance and hope (Shrishtee Bajpai)


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