Abuja Office - Nigeria

The Abuja office works with civil society and government partners, policy shapers and gender activists, to name only a few of the groups and persons with whom the foundation engages to inspire public debate on the development options before Nigeria.

Marshall plan for Nigeria

Through three initiatives, Germany promises to support Africa in the development of its growth and development potential and thus curtail migration. But how many voices from Nigeria are being heard in the debate in Germany? This web dossier wants to highlight arguments for the “Development That Nigeria Wants” and transport these perspectives into the Africa debate currently taking place in Germany.

“Representation is power.”- Interview with Ruben Gonzales


Across the US, progressive Americans are looking for ways to engage in civil resistance and defend progressive legislation. The Victory Institute and its associated Fund identify, train and support members of the LGBTQ community to run for office. We spoke with Ruben Gonzales, Vice President of the Leadership Initiatives at the Victory Institute.

By Sophia Oster

“Boko Haram is not yet in the past, but still in the present”

The German politics on Africa was busy on migration and refugee issues in West Africa, especially Nigeria. But the crisis of internally displaced people within Nigeria is far greater. Mausi Segun, Head of Human Rights Watch in Nigeria, warns that the conflict continues to smolder despite.

By Christine K


The regional office in Abuja promotes the country’s democratisation process by fostering and strengthening civil-society actors. Partner organisations are supported with basic and advanced training measures, the compilation of studies, and funding for their activities.


In Nigeria, civil society is increasingly involved in difficult democratization and conflict management processes. Even though women have been active for centuries in large areas of Nigeria as traders and businesswomen, they still must overcome many obstacles in order to participate in the political system.