Talking with Assad: an End in Itself? A Response to Phil Gordon

Prominent voices, such as former White House Coordinator for the Middle East Phil Gordon, have advocated for striving for a negotiated interim solution in Syria that defers the question of Assad’s fate. Bente Scheller, director of our office in Lebanon, addresses some of the underlying myths and arguments shaping the current debate.  

By Bente Scheller

Moscow Office - Russian Federation

Our Moscow office’s activities aim to strengthen democratic political culture in Russia. For this purpose, we primarily try to empower women and to promote the idea of ​​gender democracy. Additional topics are ecological modernization of the economy, responsible climate policies, and debates examining Russia’s nuclear energy.

LGBTI rights: "The change cannot be reverted"

May 17th is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Renato Sabbadini, Executive Director of the international LGBTI-Association ILGA, talks about positive and negative developments of LGBTI-rights.

By Caroline Ausserer, Renato Sabbadini

"I never thought it would be easy"

In the conflict with Russia, the EU has considerd military action only as the last resort. This should not change in the future, says Rebecca Harms, president of The Greens–European Free Alliance group in the European parliament.

When choosing means losing

The trade relations of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership is a complex web of discrepancies. They have assigned different association agreements with Russia and the EU. The coexistence of these two models of economic integration poses challenges - and problems.

By Heidi Hautala

Challenges for Europe’s Policies Towards Eastern Europe

The crisis in Ukraine with all its reverberations comes at a moment when the EU and the European project are very weak and while international insecurity is on the rise. As a result the Perspectives for the EU’s Eastern Partnership will have to change.

By Francisco de Borja Lasheras