The Putin-Orbán nuclear deal: a short assessment

Hungary receives massive aids from Russia in constructing new power plants. It is not only generosity, but mere a fiendishly clever economic strategy. Still legal and political risks have been neglected.

By András Deák

Quo vadis Armenia: North or West?

Just one month after Wladimir Putin's official visit to Azerbaijan, where the chance for signing a binding trade agreement between Baku and Moscow was squandered, the Russian president welcomed his Armenian counterpart in Moscow. It's the latter who made headlines on September 3rd by surprisingly announcing that Armenia would join the Russian-led Customs Union. By Nino Lejava, Konstanty Kuzma

Interview: "The LGBT movement in Russia will grow even stronger"

On June 19 the St.Petersburg based LGTB organization "Coming Out" was found guilty before court of operating as a "foreign agent". Olga Lenkova, head of communications for Coming Out, talks about the consequences of the verdict and the strong social and legal oppression that the Russian LGTB community is subjected to today.


By Hanno Stecher

A Joint Statement from the G20 Civil Summit in Russia

As in Russia severe restrictions are being placed on civil society organisations which enables them to operate freely. Therefore nearly 30 civil organizations have signed a joint statement in the forefront of the G20 summit in Russia - stating there views of a functioning democratic process in civil societies.

The Russion coal industry - an environmental and social disaster

Expansion of the Russian coal industry will increase greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a faster climate change. One reason behind this expansion is the growing demand for Russian coal from Europe’s energy giants, such as E.On and RWE. This is revealed in a new report on the Russian coal industry released today in Bonn, Germany. By Vladimir Slivyak