Feminismus & Gender

Sexual and gender minorities: worldwide protection from discrimination

Human rights of Lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender and intersexual persons (LGBTI) need to be promoted in developing countries and transformation countries just like everywhere else. However, only nine of 16,500 German foundations and organizations support those efforts. Compared with other groups whose human rights are threatened or restricted, they receive far too little political or financial support.

Afghan Wedding Law: Playing with Numbers instead of Protecting Civil Liberties

After strong criticism voiced by Afghan human rights and civil society organizations, the Ministry of Justice has modified the draft law on how to celebrate weddings in Afghanistan. The result is disappointing: The changes are merely technical and do not address the common concern of too much interference in people’s private affairs.

By Bente Scheller

How long means never? On International Women’s Day in Kabul, President Karzai commits to women’s rights

Never will women’s rights be sacrificed in talks with the Taliban and never will the Afghan government close women shelters. These are the promises President Karzai made to his people in the middle of a heated debate on women’s rights in Afghanistan. These are two major commitments. Judging by the overall political trends in the country, it might not be easy to stick to them.

By Bente Scheller

Import Ban on Bridal Dresses

Wedding ceremonies have become ruinous for many Afghans. A new law now aims at limiting the expenses. The good intention of the initiative is tarnished, however, because the draft at the same time sanctions heavy governmental interference into personal affairs.

By Bente Scheller