Feminismus & Gender

Empowering Women Over Cambodia's Airwaves

This short film by Ian White delivers insight into a women radio programme in Cambodia. Together with the Solidarity and Community Development Association the Heinrich Böll Foundation designed a training and radio programme to encourage women's participation in politics.

Petra Kelly. A Remembrance

She was one of the best known personalities of the 1980s - an icon of the global peace movements and a pioneer for ecology and human rights. Extracts from original texts, six essays on her life and work and many photographs trace the most important stations in Petra Kelly's life.

Gender policy makes a difference

This paper aims, firstly, to tackle the gender political challenges of the future and to renew our understanding of gender democracy. Secondly, it gives an outline of our programme focus, defines our aims and tasks, and sets out terminology and tools of gender democratic policy. By Barbara Unmüßig

Religion, Politics and Gender Equality

Religion continues to have a public dimension throughout the world, and from the point of view of women’s rights to equality, there is much at stake in how religion and politics intertwine. For that purpose, the Heinrich Böll Foundation conducts an extensive research project in collaboration with UNRISD to explore the effects of this blending of religion and politics on women’s rights and gender equality.