Youth & Democracy in Latin America

Young Voices on the Rise

Latin America is often cited as the region of the most pronounced inequalities. Its youth population is extremely dynamic and catalyst of some of the most progressive social movements. At the same time, several countries have recently been experiencing an extremely worrying democratic backsliding, with autocratic regimes that are re-emerging from the distant past, putting basic human rights and fragile institutions at risk. By examining the role of youth in democracy and human rights movements from a wide range of perspectives, this dossier aims to amplify and spread knowledge about the political involvement of youth in their respective regions and, subsequently, to contribute to improve international support mechanisms for ‘Young Advocates For Democracy’ (YA4D).

Colombia: Stories of Resistance

Colombia; The struggle for the right to abortion

This miniseries by Jóvenes VIVE discusses the voluntary termination of pregnancy from different perspectives. It reflects on the struggle in the legal framework as well as in the streets, shows the importance of having the option to choose, and wants to understand abortion and desired maternity equally.

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