reGain Space - The Future is Now!

With our series "reGain Space - The Future is Now!" we make visions, struggles and experiences of African activists visible. We listen to the voices of courageous people who stand up for political participation, human rights, environmental and gender justice in their societies. Read and listen for yourself.

Season I - Horn von Africa

Activists from Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea report on their aspirations, strategies and perspectives that motivate them, against many risks, to demand and shape political change in their countries.

Video interviews with the activists

Season II - Loud & Proud

(Queer) feminism has a long tradition in Africa. Queer people struggle for rights and freedom, moving between survival, visibility, provocation - and joy.  We spoke with women* and genderqueer activists from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.

Interviews with the activists

I know very well how important it is to be careful. And at the same time, I know that it can't stop me from continuing my work and continuing to talk about it.
Ssenfuka Joanita Warry

Season III - Environment and justice

Resource exploitation, climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity are global phenomena that particularly affect the African continent. Despite this reality, debates around these issues largely mirror a Western perspective and African voices are often overheard in the climate movement. However, African environmental activists are in the forefront fighting the climate crisis and engage in the protection of natural resources. We spoke to some of them.

We must also take into account what the climate crisis and the colonial past that led us there is doing to people. It robs people of their culture and their dignity.
Ruth Nyambura, Klima- und Umweltaktivistin aus Kenia

Season IV - net:works!

The Internet has long become a central site of democratic activism in many African countries. Activists use the cyberspace for exchange, empowerment and protection. The democratization of the access to the digital world and protection against attacks and surveillance are central concerns of civil society engagement today. We spoke with three activists from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Senegal about the appropriation of discourse spaces and the creative use of digital tools.

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