Perspectives Südosteuropa #10: Grüner Wandel und soziale (Un)Gerechtigkeit

Dezember 2021
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Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Büro Sarajevo (Bosnia und Herzegovina, North-Macedonia) Büro Belgrade (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo)
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just transition in unjust societies
Srđan Dvornik

are our societies ready?

dismantling monopolies in the green transition
Majda Ibraković
prospects for independent action in the Western Balkans’ energy transition
Pippa Gallop
just green transition challenges
Samir Lemeš
social peace or social justice for victims of green transition?
Kristina Cvejanov
just energy transition
Diana Milev Čavor

political challenges

first we need trust for justice to be “just”:
a view on energy transition from the coal-impacted community of Lazarevac, Serbia

Maja Pupovac
decarbonisation of the region – a sustainable and just energy transition
Viktor Berishaj
how to restore social well-being and whether decarbonized energy is possible in the Western Balkans
Nataša Kovačević
eternal ramble – two faces of energy policy in Serbia
Jovan Rajić

green transition and citizens’ action

from zero to 10 000 protesters, or how the living environment became topic number one in Serbia
Milja Vuković, Radovan Božović
Montenegro - challenges on the path to democracy development
Nina Milić
the social impact of hydropower on affected communities
Rea Nepravishta
the energy and environmental potential of the Komarnica river
Vuk Iković
energy cooperatives – a new-old form of organization for a democratic and fair energy sector in Serbia
Predrag Momčilović

green transition in the global framework

just (another) transition?
the limitations and opportunities of just ecological transition on the European semi-periphery
Vedran Horvat
populism and ecology. on the possibility of ecology becoming a politically relevant topic
Mariglen Demiri
the anti-environmentalism of capitalism as the dominant system of contemporary production of social life
Vladimir Lay

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