Emerging Powers and the Middle East

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Einer der relevantesten Regionen für überlappende und wetteifernde Interessen von etablierten und aufstrebenden Mächten ist der Nahe Osten. Diese englischsprachige Publikation betrachtet die Auswirkungen internationaler Machtverschiebungen am Beispiel des Nahen Ostens und bietet Einsichten von Expertinnen und Experten aus China, Indien, Russland, dem Westen und der Region selbst


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The role of emerging powers on the scene of international politics has been the focus of a lot of interest over the past years. One of the most important focal points of overlapping and competing interests of both established and emerging powers is the Middle East. This region is an arena where the new rules of the game are being developed and acted out. In the post Iraq-war era, the return of power-politics and the principle of “national interest” appear to strike back with a vengeance, while new alliances are forming in response to complex security challenges.

This publication attempts looking at the effects of the global shift of power on the Middle East bringing together Chinese, Indian, Russian, Western and Middle Eastern experts, to explore the perspectives of the region to become a partner in an emerging multi-polar system, rather than a stomping ground or even a battlefield for the interest and the prestige of others.


28. November 2010
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