Enlivenment: Towards a fundamental shift in the concepts of nature, culture and politics

Enlivenment: Towards a fundamental shift in the concepts of nature, culture and politics

cover enlivenment
01. Feb. 2013 by Andreas Weber
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: 2013
Number of Pages: 72
License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
ISBN / DOI: 978-3-86928-105-6

Our mono-cultural worldview is literally preventing us from understanding the deeper causes of our multiple crises. The author Andreas Weber gives us a glimpse of the different scientific paradigm now coming into focus. He calls it “Enlivenment,” because the new sciences are revealing organisms to be sentient, more-than-physical creatures that have subjective experiences and produce sense. Weber sees Enlivenment as an upgrade of the deficient categories of Enlightenment thought – a way to move beyond our modern metaphysics of dead matter and acknowledge the deeply creative processes embodied in all living organisms. The framework of Enlivenment that Weber outlines is a promising beginning for all those who stand ready to search for real solutions to the challenges of our future


Table of contents:

7 Foreword

11 Introduction

13 Enlivening the crisis: Looking beyond the current ideology of death

23 Bioeconomics: the hidden megascience

29 Life-as-Meaning: Biopoetics as paradigms of living relationships

35 Natural anti-capitalism: Biospheric householding as the foundation of an enlivened economy

42 From enlivenment to shared livelihoods: the emergence of a commons-based economy

54 First-Person-Science: Towards a Culture of Poetic Objectivity

64 Basic principles of enlivenment: working with paradoxes

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Richard Volpato

Hi. Just read a review of this book. Keen to read it!