What Future for International Climate Politics? - A Call for a Strategic Reset

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Climate change has been on the global agenda for over 20 years, but international co-operation has shown mixed results. The collapse of negotiations at Copenhagen contributed to disillusionment in civil society and signaled a gradual retreat from engagement in international climate policy processes. So, a much broader perspective and fresh strategy are needed to tackle inequity and to achieve a truly sustainable socio-ecological transformation of our economies and societies.

This paper articulates concrete proposals and puts forward ideas for devising smarter strategies that make engagement by civil society in international climate policy more effective.

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September, 2013
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
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Table of contents

7 Preface

9 Executive Summary

11 Introduction

15 A 4 Degree Warmer World?

18 Exposing the Hydra: Breaking the Hold of the Fossil-Financial Complex on International Policy

23 Rethinking Policies and Instruments: Mandating the Polluter Pay Principle and Precaution

27 Securing Transparancy and Accountability & Strengthening the Multilateral Process

31 Proposals for Change

33 Afterword

35 About the Authors

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