Racism and Discrimination in Greece Today

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This report has been initiated by the rise of extremist right political parties and movements of various guises in Greece and in other EU member states, which has been recorded after the European Parliament elections in May 2014. Although there are undisputed differences among parties and movements characterised today as “extremist right”, at least in regard to their political discourse and their practices, their common denominator, on which they can be compared, is the total adherence and reproduction of the ideology of inequality – or better yet, of inequity- of people, and hence the discrediting and rejection of their difference.

This report is being published under the select respect campaign, an initiative of organisations active in the human rights and fight discrimination and racism area in Greece. The campaign was initiated by PRAKSIS, the Greek Council of Refugees, Symbiosis, ASANTE, Cooperation for social gender, Green Institute in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece, and the financial support of the Open Society Foundations, in spring 2014, on the eve of the European elections and the local government and regional election in Greece.

Writers of the report are the teacher Antonis Gazakis, the social scientist Despoina Sirri  and the assistant Prof. of Law School University of Thessaloniki, Antreas Takis

The report is available for free (the recipient undertakes the shipping costs). You can download the report here. For orders please write to info@gr.boell.org.


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Editors' Note 5

I. Introduction 7

II. The Legislative Framework for Fighting Racism in Greece Today 13

III. Racism in Everyday Social Practice 20

IV. The Cases of Mass Media and Education 31

V. Initiatives Against Racism 42

VI. An Assessment of the Ability of the Greek Legal System to Fight Racist Phenomena 47

VII. Suggestions-Proposals 55

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