The Battle for Modernity

Today’s central line of conflict runs between open societies and various forms of Identitarian radicalism. The challenge we face is to reconcile rapid changes in a globalized modern age with our need to belong and our need for security.

By Ralf Fücks

Victory of national conservatives in Poland

After successfully having put its candidate in the presidential seat in May 2015, national conservative party PiS has now managed to win an absolute majority in the parliament. Not a single left-wing party has made it through the elections. It remains to be seen how the electorate will feel represented by this shift to the right in parliament.

By Irene Hahn-Fuhr

Refugees are not welcome: A brown Saturday in Bratislava

On the day after the World Refugee Day, five thousand nationalists and neo-Nazis marched through Bratislava, demanding to stop “the Islamisation of Europe” - the police had to intervene. Still, many Slovak politicians are casting about anti-immigration sentiment.

By Grigorij Mesežnikov

Racism and Discrimination in Greece Today


Initiated by the rise of extremist right political parties and movements of various guises in Greece and in other EU member states, which has been recorded after the European Parliament elections in May 2014, this report inquires the “extremist right” in Greece.