Perspectives Southeastern Europe #1: Young Adults

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Perspectives Southeastern Europe is about young adults in the Balkans. It is about young people with a specific kind of transition to adulthood. The comparative analysis of some Eastern and Western European countries shows that the age-status transition was strongly standardized under communist modernization, and that the main events of transition to adulthood took place in more predictable ways compared to Western Europe. The process of the Balkan countries’ EU accession will alter the life course of this region’s young adults.

All those who want change, who want to overcome the tradition of patriarchy and discrimination of LGBT people and who are striving for a more democratic culture with a sense of citizenship and a responsible civil society, who want to get ahead in line with their individual merits rather than their parents’ connections or their party membership, who wish for better choice in a stronger labor market – they can expect support for these endeavors from the transformative power of the EU negotiation and accession process.


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Dezember 2014
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Southeastern Europe (Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb)
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Post-Yugoslav Youth Policies: Reasons for Concern

  • Serbia: Good Framework, Poor Implementation, by Jovana Tripunović
  • Croatia: Contours of a European Youth Policy, but Much Remains to be Done, by Marko Kovačić

Youth Activism: Political Sphere as a Channel to Ensure Sustenance rather than Theater for Debate

  • Serbia: Adapting to the Existing “Rules of the Game”, by Dragan Stanojević
  • Croatia: Strong Political Cynicism, by Marko Boko
  • Fear and Anger in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Nedim Jahić
  • The Kosovo Youth has yet to be Roused by the Struggle, by Una Hajdari

Youth in Serbia Between Patriarchy and Post-Socialist Transition, by Ivan Đorđević

Being Young and Gay in Serbia: In Search of a Space of Freedom in a Homophobic Society, by Olga Dimitrijević

Keyword: Solidarity

  • From “Solidarity Meal” to “Bike Kitchen” or How Can One Help the Neediest in One’s Surrounding, by Bojan Cvejić
  • Solidarity-Based Economy is Returning to Croatia, by Marina Kelava

Citizens of the Earth vs. Land Conquerors – Citizens’ Environmental Movement as a Reaction to the Crisis of Environmental Law and Policy

  • Environmental Movements and Crisis of Environmental Law and Policy in Serbia, by Mirko Popović and Ivana Savić
  • Spatial Struggles in Croatia, by Marina Kelava
  • Battle for Sutjeska River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Nataša Crnković

The Right to Culture, by Žarka Radoja and Peđa Popović

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