Lecture and Discussion: 800 Years of Commons

Lecture and Discussion: 800 Years of Commons

David Bollier, Silke Helfrich and Michael Bauwens discussing the meaning of Magna Charta, commons, peer-production and their legal protection in our times — Image Credits

Two noted activists, David Bollier and Michel Bauwens of the Commons Strategies Group/P2P Foundation, discussed the role of the commons and peer to peer production in meeting people’s needs and the many enclosures of the commons that are abridging their fundamental rights on September 8th 2015 in Berlin.

The two talks also describe a wide variety of legal innovations that commoners are inventing to fulfill the principles of Magna Carta and build a new socio-economic order by constituting new rules and norms for their common production, governance and property modalities. We have documented their lectures and the discussion:

David Bollier:

Michael Bauwens:




The whole event - all in one:

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