Aloft - An Inflight Review

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Airbus Group
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June 2016
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Around 3.3 billion air travels are undertaken currently per year. Air traffic is growing rapidly, especially in Asia, the Middle East and in other emerging economies. Cheaper ticket prices and the growth of a global middle class have led to this: Flying has become a part of modern mass culture. The global interconnection of politics, economy, science and culture is increasing. But the environmental impact of flying can no longer be ignored. This is particularly true with regard to climate change. Considerable efficiency gains in fuel consumption are outweighed by high growth rates in international air traffic. As a result, this leads to an increase in climate-relevant emissions. We need a turnaround for aviation to contribute to climate protection. Air traffic needs to become more environmentally friendly and more sustainable!

With the publication Aloft – An Inflight Review the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Airbus Group want to provide important insights into the current state of technological developments and the political debate surrounding the sustainable future of flying, and it can serve a basis for further dialogue in the coming years. After all, a climate-friendly flying is in the interest of all.


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