Canadaʼs Approach and Coherence on Economic, Climate, and Development Goals

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This paper will investigate that new direction and the Canadian governmentʼs international commitments on climate change, economic growth (mostly through the G20), and three SDGs in particular: Gender Equality (SDG #5), No Poverty (SDG #1) and Reduced Inequalities (SDG#10).

It will also compare the governmentʼs policies and actions on these commitments, and assess the coherence (or incoherence) of those commitments, policies, and actions. The analysis is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather an overview of Canadaʼs approach.

The goals, policies, and actions of the government can best be characterized as: 1) weaker than international commitments or the contribution of major allies, and 2) containing significant contradictions.


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June 2017
Heinrich Boell Foundation
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