Germany, Land of Immigration

Report from the Commission "Perspectives for a Forward-Looking and Sustainable Refugee and Immigration Policy"

According to the United Nations, right now there are 68.5 million refugees in the world seeking safety from war, persecution, and oppression, whether inside or outside the borders of their own country. Although the number of those seeking protection in Germany is relatively small by international standards, in recent years it has risen steadily in the Federal Republic. Over the course of these developments, the question has arisen as to what the content of a sustainable and forward-looking immigration policy would look like, and which institutions should be involved.

Against this background, the Heinrich Böll Foundation set up a commission in late 2015, “Perspectives for a Forward-Looking and Sustainable Refugee and Immigration Policy”. The present e-paper presents international perspectives that build on these ideas for the purpose of preventing flight and controlling migration. They expand on the institutional aspect of a whole-of-government approach, the formulation of the UNHCRʼs approach to resettlement, and a humane and transparent return policy.​

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Date of Publication
November 2018
Heinrich Böll Foundation
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