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Populism, Nationalism and Illiberalism

A Challenge for Democracy and Civil Society
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A decline in democratic quality can be observed worldwide. The terms populism, nationalism, illiberalism, and authoritarianism are omnipresent in attempts to explain and describe this development. The e-paper examines overlaps, differences and their relationship to one another, highlights global and regional trends of autocratization and highlights the consequences of this development for civil society in the affected countries.

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February 2020
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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Populism, nationalism and illiberalism as a challenge for democracy
2.1. Illiberalism in the 21st century
2.2. Illiberalism and populism
2.3. Accelerants: nationalism and polarisation
2.4. Democracy in times of growing populism and nationalism
3. Implications for civil society
3.1. How is civil society faring in times of autocratisation?
3.2. The relationship between populism and shrinking space
3.3. Options for civil society action
4. Conclusion

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)
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