Hungary is to demolish critical NGOs with new bills

In recent weeks civil organisations in Hungary have been kept busy by a law package that the Government has drafted. It bears the name “Stop Soros” and would restrict freedom of expression and freedom of association as well as refugees’ right to protection.

By Nóra Köves

Perspectives Asia: Politics of Food

Food is a highly political issue. Nowhere is this more true than in Asia. This publication seeks to illustrate some conflicting issues in the field of food and nutrition. The contributions highlight a selection of fields, where political action is needed to ensure that there is enough food on people's plate, which is also healthy and nutritious.

How the Skopje 2014 project ate the urban commons

The Skopje2014 urban reconstruction project is the biggest infrastructure investment in the entire Macedonian history. This video delineates the costs and presents the corruptive machinations behind the project.

Ethnonationalism and State Building


Publication Series on Democracy 9: This publication contains contributions to an international conference held by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in April 2008. In it, policymakers, academics, political educators, and consultants examined how the international community has dealt with the phenomena of ethnonationalism and religious fragmentation in the past fifteen years and the lessons for the future that can be gained from these experiences.