Net-Zero files by CLARA Group


CLARA pursues climate solutions that work for people - at community, landscape, and national levels. ➤ Find out more about the alliance.

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The Climate Land Ambition & Rights Alliance - CLARA pursues climate solutions that work for people and preserve forest and terrestrial ecosystems. The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a member of this alliance. CLARA opposes false and bogus solutions to the climate crisis, such as monoculture plantations, geoengineering, unjust carbon offsetting projects and large-scale bioenergy use and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.

CLARA produced the "Net-Zero Files" in the context of the strong emergence of net-zero pledges before the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Their relevance has not diminished to this day: They explain how the use net-zero pledges feeds the false belief that we can quickly scale up enough carbon dioxide removal in forests, crop soils - but also through geoengineering - to allow fossil emissions to continue until 2050 and beyond. But these proposed uses of nature to sequester carbon already add up to several Earth’s worth of forests and other carbon-rich ecosystems.

These pages help understand how the net-zero narrative is being used to shape how we look at climate ambition. How has this change in narrative been enabled? What are the impacts of net zero? Who uses net-zero commitments and why?

And they show the way forward - toward real Zero. 

➤ Find out more about the alliance.