No climate justice without civic space


In the run-up to COP27, we note with great concern the human rights situation in Egypt. Therefore, together with other international and German civil society organisations, we have signed the Egyptian Human Rights Coalition's petition to the COP27. ➤ The petition

Human rights, self-determination and justice, as well as ecology and sustainability, are among the core values of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. That is why we have been working for climate justice for a long time. The integral link between climate justice and human rights guides our work. In our view, there can be no climate justice as long as human rights are violated and civic spaces are closed - "No climate justice without civic space". This principle also applies to COP27.

From our many years of work on Egypt, we know that fundamental and human rights are systematically violated there. Freedom of expression and assembly is being severely curtailed and tens of thousands of people are being detained in Egypt for peacefully expressing dissent with the Egyptian government. In detention they face ill-treatment and torture. Forced disappearances of government critics are also a regular occurrence.

In the run-up to COP27 in Egypt, we have therefore signed the petition of the Egyptian Human Rights Coalition on COP27 together with other international and German civil society organisations.

➤ The petition