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A Feminist Development Policy: Intersectionality, gender & the economy

A pathway towards feminist global collaboration
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This recommendation paper offers development practitioners and organisations some reflections in order to shift international development policy towards intersectional Feminist Global Collaboration. It accompanies our podcast episode on Intersectionality, Gender & the Economy and allows us to further explore how intersectionality as a tool can inform decision-making processes - happening on a personal, organisational and cultural level.

Reflecting on the interconnectedness of gender justice and economic justice provides a concrete example of how we can apply an intersectional lens.

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Date of Publication
March 2023
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, FAIRE SHARE of women leaders
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Table of contents
  • Why intersectionality?
  • Interconnectedness of gender justice and economic justice
  • Recommendations
    • Individual level
    • Organisational level
    • Cultural level
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