EcoFair Trade Dialogue

"Teaching Ecofair Trade" was a joint EU project together with Caritas Czech, MISEREOR, Mendel University Brno and Heinrich-Böll-Foundation to develop and pilot experienced based and multilevel teaching modules which enable European Universities to integrate the perspective of the human right to food as a key turning point for teaching agricultural trade and investment policy.

The project was running over a period of three years between March 2013 and February 2016. The main perspective of the project was to emphasise on a strong link between European and southern civil society and different European Universities to enable young future decision makers to actively understand the relevance of their studies and the political importance to eradicate poverty, promote justice and human rights. This dossier provides a selection of activities and studies that were realized as part of the project "Teaching Ecofair Trade".


Introducing the Right to Food in University Curricula

While it is broadly recognised that hunger is a function of entitlements and not of food availability as such, there is still a vacuum in research and development education with regard to introducing a human rights and governance lens to teaching. This paper showes how this can be done.


Soil Atlas: Facts and figures about earth, land and fields

Through misuse, we lose 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil every year. For the International Year of Soils in 2015, this Atlas shows, why the soil should concern us all. Jointly published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies.

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