Winning Projects: Ecofair Media - Good Food for All!

Film and media students were invited to submit a media project for „Ecofair Media – Good Food for All!“ on the subject of The Human Right to Food. Five winners were awarded fellowships to realize their ideas.


Ackerbunt - Jakob Fuhr, Christine Anas, Elisabeth Weydt (scroll-documentary, Austria/Germany)

The multimedia scroll documentation "Ackerbunt" tells the success story of the Quechua farmers in the southern Peruvian highlands, who revived their old farming traditions in order to become independent of the market and external aid as well as stand up against climate change.


Wealth - David Schittek (documentary, 20min, Germany)

A young man has moved to the country in order to live without artificial and polluted food. But will he be able to slaughter the animals he has raised?


Eat me!!! - Ilina Perianova (short fiction musical, 10min, Estonia)

An evening in a fancy restaurant takes a surprising turn when the foods rehearses the uprising on their plates in the wildest musical style and sing about the countries of their origin and circumstances of production.


The Conference - Filip Antoni Malinowski (documentary, 20min, Poland/France/Austria)

The film combines a documentation of the negotiations at the climate summit in Paris 2015 with interviews in which two well-known researchers discuss possible solutions for sustainable living.

Untouchable - Pavel Ruzyak (short fiction, 10min, Czech Republic)

A day in a life of a young mother who works in a factory for delicacies, while she can hardly provide enough food for herself and her child.


Collage of the winning projects

All projects have been presented on January 16th 2016 at Heinrich-Böll Foundation Berlin.

EcoFair Media – Gutes Essen für alle! - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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