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The Archiv Grünes Gedächtnis (which translates as 'Green Memory Archive') collects the primary source documents related to the history of the German Green Party and the new social movements in Germany. It organises the material, making it accessible to the public and preserving it for future generations.

The Archive holds a variety of material relating to the history of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and the party's predecessors as well as documents of the civil movement in the GDR and records of environmental, anti-nuclear, feminist and peace movements in Germany after 1968. Most records in the collections are files originating from the Green party's offices and work groups on all federal levels up to the EU parliament. The archive also assembles a great number of individual-related documents from party members and protagonists of the new social movements. Moreover, the archive contains a reference library of commercially published books and grey literature related to the material in the file archive. Collections of campaign posters, photographs, web content and voice and video recordings complete the inventory.

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Call for papers: Peace initiatives and the urban space in the long 20th century (PDF)

Arbeitskreis Historische Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Annual Conference 2017, in cooperation with Archiv Grünes Gedächtnis, Berlin. Please submit your abstract by January 15, 2017.

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Jahrbuch Grünes Gedächtnis The archive regularly publishes a yearbook (in German) presenting scientific work in a convenient format, as well as key materials and current archive projects. Hard copies can be ordered and picked up at the archive; PDF files are free to download. 

Ordering address: 

Heinrich Böll Foundation, Schumannstr. 8, D-10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 285340, Fax: +49 30 28534109, Email:


The archive organizes events on the history of the Green Party in Germany, current research, archive-specific topics and discussions with contemporary witnesses. If you would like to receive regular information about archive events, please send a message to The current calendar of events can be found at

History of Alliance 90/The Greens

The History of Alliance 90/The Greens

Founded 35 years ago, in January 1980, the new Green party Die Grünen successfully entered the German Bundestag in March 1983. Ten years later, in April 1993, Die Grünen and Bündnis 90, a party founded in East Germany in 1990, merged to form Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens). Data pertaining to all party conventions and key decisions, as well as all elections to the Federal Executive Board, are listed here; the texts of all platforms are available for download.


Heinrich Böll Archive

The Heinrich Böll archive is based in Cologne. It is a documentation and information centre on the life and works of Heinrich Böll.

Petra Kelly Archives

The Petra Kelly archive preserves the estate of Petra Karin Kelly (1947 - 1992) and collects materials relating to her life and work. Almost all of Kelly's writings are in the collection, as well as numerous materials relevant to the history of the Green Party, the international peace movement for disarmament and against nuclear weapons, human rights and liberation movements.

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