Development of Income Distribution Over the last Decade (GINI-Index)

“Inclusive” growth – one goal of the G20 – needs policies of redistribution (among other things) in order for all parts of the population to benefit from economic power. This infographic shows the trends related to income distribution measured with the help of the GINI-Index over one decade. Inequality is a problem with many dimensions; there is not only the inequality between the global south and the global north – but also the patterns of social and economic inequality within individual countries. Inequality can (and often does) increase despite growth in GDP. The graphics show that some developing countries achieved some improvements in distributive justice while income distribution worsened – despite stronger economic growth in the old G8 members as well as in China and South Africa.

This infographics is part of our dossier "G20 in Focus".

Source: World Bank, CIA World Fact Book, OECD, World Income Inequality Database