Monopoly in Africa?

Monopoly in Africa?

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Investment and Sustainable Development on the African Continent

We are in the middle of the so-called "German Africa Year". Various ministries have launched initiatives such as the "Marshall Plan with Africa", "Compact with Africa" and "Pro!Africa" which are spotlighting the continent. The various initiatives are diverse in their approaches and aims – however, they all center around two issues: Investments as well as migration control.

The initiatives containt hardly any progressive proposals which would foster socio-ecologically sustainable and inclusive development on the continent.

This dossier provides a forum for the often mentioned but rarely asked African partners to speak out.

Along with a documentation of our two-day expert conference "Monopoly in Africa?" , 30-31 May, 2017 you will discover additional articles, interviews and videos.

Contributions from our publication "Perspectives Africa 2/2017: Putting People Back Into Infrastructure

About 600 million Africans, almost two-thirds of the continent’s population, have no access to electricity; nearly half of all Africans still don’t have access to clean water.

Video Interviews

 Dr. Carlos Lopes

Africans should not just to be recipients of aid and help for adaptation to climate change – but rather protagonists and ahead in terms of proposing solutions.

Ikai Engelei

It is critical to have a Free Prior Informed Consent for communities, to ensure that they participate in the project and that they understand its impacts.

Mthunzi Mdwaba

It is a real pity that South Africa is the only African country in the G20 – because it is unfairly balanced, if you look to the European countries or the Americas.

Dr. David Ndii

What Europeans should do is come to terms with the fact, that they need to compete for investment opportunities in Africa.

Voices from Senegal

Senegal is one of five African countries that are participating in the "Compact with Africa" initiative under the German G20 Presidency.

In Dakar members of the Senegalese Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Development Finance (COFID) are speaking out – demanding participation of the Senegalese civil society and the private sector during the realization of the "Compact" initiative in their country.

Technology, funding, knowledge transfer - these are critical areas Germany can contribute to Nigeria.
Honourable Mark Terseer Gbillah, Member of House of Representatives

Marshall Plan for Nigeria?

The website of the foundations Nigerian office in Abuja provides a dossier illustrating the debate about the German initiatives on the African continent: the “Marshall Plan With Africa”, “Compact with Africa” and “Pro! Africa”.

The contributions highlight the arguments for the “Development That Nigeria Wants” movement and transfers these perspectives into the African debate currently taking place in Germany.

Recordings of our conference "Monopoly in Africa?", 30-31 May, 2017

Keynote Carlos Lopes: Monopoly in Africa?

Panel 2: Which commitment is desirable? Perspectives from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa

Monopoly in Africa? Reality check

Panel 3: What should and can Germany do?

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