September 23, 2008

In Nigeria, civil society is increasingly involved in difficult democratization and conflict management processes. The free press and an independent judiciary are gaining influence. The dependence of the Nigerian economy and the government household on income generated by oil and gas from the Niger Delta is increasingly acknowledged by the country’s leaders as one of Nigeria’s main problems.

Even though women have been active for centuries in large areas of Nigeria as traders and businesswomen, they still must overcome many obstacles in order to participate in the political system. To strengthen the rights of women, the Foundation supports project partners that build legal aid structures and provide political education.

Increasingly, the Heinrich Böll Foundation also brings up the issue of climate change. Representatives of government, industry, and civil society are now – supported by the Nigeria office – debating the effects of climate change. One of the Lagos office’s public events «Living and Working with Climate Change: Adapt, Adopt and Survive» made it onto the front page of a national newspaper.

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